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This page is dedicated to CARMEN P.TARANTINO Born June 29th 1950 died September 13th 2004

Carmen Tarantino was a very good friend of mine who lived life to the fullest. He was one of the finest trial lawyers in the country. In all of his years of practice he lost only one case but he won it back on an appeal!

This was the life most of the people around him knew. Not many knew much about his true passion, which was birds and bird photography. He also enjoyed taking photos of anything in nature as well as photos of children and adults. I took the photo below during a 6-day visit to St. Lawrence Island in the city of Gambell, home to about 700 inhabitants. Carmen had many of the local children visiting the lobby of our motel to get their photo taken. It was a very memorable experience that I will never forget.

I have included on this page many of the photographs that Carmen took in Alaska as well as other photos taken from different birding areas of the country. Some of these photos have been published in birding magazines. This was a great honor for Carmen who really worked hard to get these spectacular shots.

I hope that anyone who looks at Carmens photos enjoys them as much as I have. I know that he would love to share these photos with anyone who would spend the time to look at them.


Carmen showing one of the local children a photo he took of him, June of 2003.





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