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Birds of Puerto Rico

January 5-11, 2018


Puerto Rican Tody (todus mexicanus)


Join us for us for a 7-day tour to look for all of the endemic birds found in Puerto Rico as well as many West Indian specialties.

First night we will spend at a quality motel in San Juan, I will meet participants in the lobby of our motel on the first morning that we start birding.

Day 1 We will load our van and travel to the southwest side of the Island birding along the way. We will look for the Plain Pigeon along the way, these have become more common then in the past which is nice.  We will also search for the Yellow-shouldered Blackbird which will be later that day. There are only about 700 of these rare blackbirds left so finding them will be a priority! Our first, second and third nights will be in Guanica.
Yellow-shouldered Blackbird
Yellow-shouldered Blackbird
agelaius xanthomus)


Day 2 We will bird the Gaunica State Forest, a dry forest where many endemic species can be found. Here are some of the endemic target birds for this area. We will bird the Rain Forest areas in and around Maricao located in the mountains. Some of the endemic target species that we will look for are:

  • Puerto Rican Flycatcher
  • Puerto Rican Vireo
  • Puerto Rico Lizard Cuckoo
  • Yellow-shouldered Blackbird
  • Puerto Rican Spindalis
  • Puerto Rican Bullfinch
  • Puerto Rican Nightjar
  • Adelaides Warbler
  • Antillean Mango

Day 3 We will bird the Rain Forest in and around Maricoa State Forest for more endemic species.

Elfin Woods Warbler
  • Elfin Woods Warbler
  • Puerto Rican Emerald
  • Puerto Rican Woodpecker
  • Puerto Rican Tody
  • Puerto Rican Tanager
  • Puerto Rican Screech-owl
  • Puerto Rican Pewee
  • Green Mango

We will spend the night in Quebradillas home to nesting White-tailed Tropicbirds.

Day 4 Today we get an early morning start and drive to Rio Abajo for a chance of seeing or hearing the endangered Puerto Rican Parrot!  The Puerto Rican Parrot is one of the world's rarest birds having come back from the brink of extinction from a low of a dozen birds!  The birds present in the area of Rio Abajo, are birds that are being re-established in the lowland forest that they used to occur in.  The birds in this area have been doing very well, much better than the birds that occur in El Yunque at the east end of the Island.  After hopefully seeing the Puerto Rican Parrot we will scan the cliffs off Quebradillas for nesting White-tailed Tropicbirds. We may see them from our motel grounds. We will also bird the marshes and ponds around Arecibo.  We also have a chance to bird some of the coastal marshes to search for White-cheeked Pintail, Masked Duck and if we are lucky, Yellow-breasted Crake!  From here, we will travel to the east end of the Island and stay the next 2-nights in the town of Fajardo.


Puerto Rican Parrot


Day 5 Today, we will bird the Caribbean National Forest, approximately 28,000 acres in size located in the rugged Sierra de Luquillo mountains, 40 km east southeast of San Juan. This is the only tropical rain forest in the National Forest System. It is the rainiest National Forest; up to 240 inches per year have been recorded on the higher peaks. The result of such heavy rainfall and the warm tropical climate is a dense evergreen forest containing 240 native tree species and masses of vines, epiphytes, giant ferns and mosses. Twenty-six species are found nowhere else. We hope to encounter the very rare and endemic Puerto Rican Parrot. There are approximately 60 left in the wild with approximately 200 in captivity. We will look late in the afternoon for the parrot and with luck we will find it. We will spend the next two nights in the town of Fajardo on the east end of the Island.


Puerto Rican Parrot

Puerto Rican Parrot (amazona vittata)

Day 6 Today we will travel back to the Rain Forest around El Yunque to again search for the endemic Puerto Rican Parrot as well as other Rain Forest birds. We will also bird the area around Farjardo to search for Green-throated Carib and the Antillean Crested Hummingbird. The latter is a sub species found only in Puerto Rico. This will be our last night in Fajardo.

Day 7 We may have some time to check more coastal marshes and to look for some of the introduced birds in the San Juan area. We will have an afternoon departure from San Jaun back to the mainland U.S. Most of the birds listed are the specialties of Puerto Rico, we will see many other birds native to the West Indies while searching for the above birds.

Cost: $2,000.00 per person double occupancy from San Juan Does not include airfare $2,450.00 singles supplement $500 deposit to reserve a space.
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